What shamanism means to me

For me, shamanism is the pure connection between heaven and earth. The views, the sacred knowledge, the methods and practices connect me deeply to Mother Earth and at the same time I am at home here as an energy being, as a soul on earth. No other path so comprehensively nourishes both for me.

And it is a never-ending path of experience that leads ever deeper to me and the mysteries of life. Shamanism today includes for me as western people the path of deep clarification and self-healing, integration of split-off parts of the soul. And the everlasting deepening of the connection with the higher self, with Mother Earth, the elemental forces, the spirits that surround and accompany me. In this way, my strength, my experience, my ability to devote myself steadily increases in order to support other human souls on their soul path and to serve healing. What my accompanying spirits ensure again and again and always show me the “right” path of experience….:-)

Today many people are interested in shamanism because it is a path that takes us home and at the same time opens our eyes to everything that surrounds us. The stone kingdom, the animal and plant world, the kingdom of natural beings on our planet Mother Earth, the beings of light and the great creative spirit. And since we are all connected to it as spiritual beings in bodies, learning shamanic rituals and worldviews can be healing and mind-expanding for EVERYONE. That the memory can awaken in all of us that everything is animated and connected to us, as understood in all spiritual practices of indigenous peoples. And this is not only the responsibility of a shaman these days.

But the step to work for others, to travel, requires several years of training, deepening what has been learned with discipline and passion. In my experience it is something that calls you and at the same time comes into your life inexorably. More than 16 years have passed since my first shamanic seminar and the follow up appearance of my ancestors who showed me life after death exist. Shamanism has since brightened my life, restored lost purpose and saved my life several times. In Inca shamanism in particular, I find a depth and breadth that I have not encountered otherwise, so that this was ultimately the key to my own shamanic path and connection to my European ancestral roots.

What is the definition of shamanism today?

Today, the spiritual practices of indigenous peoples are referred to as shamanism. These include the experience of feeling connected to nature and all of creation and experiencing them as ensouled.

These are ancient healing traditions and ways of life that are in complete harmony with nature and the cosmos.

There are many different shamanic branches and streams around the world, but they all share the following characteristics:

  • Closeness to nature – We are all children of Mother Earth and connected to everything that is.
  • Comprehensive cosmology – e.g. everything is alive and has a soul. There is life after death and existence of higher spirits.
  • the division into the lower, middle and upper world as a world view
  • Knowledge and application of laws and cycles
  • Carrying out rituals and ceremonies for people and nature
  • Spiritual practice to raise awareness and clear the energy body
  • Contact and exchange with the other world/ spirit world (often in ecstasy)
  • Consciousness as Earth Keeper and Counselor, Healer, Teacher for the community

How old is shamanism?

The origins of shamanism go back at least 40,000 years in time, but cannot be clearly established. After all, we all come from shamanic cultures. In Europe, too, there were expert healers and shamans, such as the druids of the Celts or the herbalists of the forest, who had healing effects in many places up until the time of the Inquisition.

Older known traditions without a complete break in traditional lore are found in Polynesia, Mexico, the Andes of Peru and Nepal.

Inca shamanism, in whose ancestry I am energetically connected, comes from the (pre-) Inca culture over 12,000 years ago, which was practiced in the Andes between Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. High above 5000 square meters, rituals, ceremonies and sacred knowledge could be preserved without being completely broken by Christianity.

Inca shamanism is very open and free from religious guidelines, works with the powers of Pachamama (Mother Earth, Gaia), nature, power animals and ancestors and light frequencies. We can also call on Spirit Helpers like Mary, the Archangels or Ascended Masters. All those with whom each healer is personally most connected.

Not every shaman is necessarily only a healer who gives sessions, many are also advisors, masters of ceremonies or work more in the background.

Healers in the Andes are usually mesa wearers and work with them in healing sessions as well as ceremonies. A misha or mesa is a kind of mobile personal altar of a shaman, which fills itself with healing stones and power objects through initiations and its own healing path, thus bundling and strengthening the connection to the cosmic forces. During a healing session, these forces can work through the shaman, who acts as a kind of channel and transmitter.

Like any other healer, the Inca shamans work with the energy field of humans, other living beings, as well as the earth and the universe. In the descriptions and designations of each culture there are different approaches and focal points. However, everyone is looking at the same thing.

What is a shaman?

The word shaman has its origins in the language of the ancient Tungus people in Siberia.

One is not quite sure about the original meaning. Presumably even the Tunguistic term “saman” goes back to a Sanskrit term, which is translated as practicing religious ascetic.

In fact, shamans and healers go without and engage in various practices and rituals to expand their normal senses and more easily connect with the unseen world. I also drink alcohol very rarely, avoid coffee, white sugar, animal products, as they limit my perception in excess. I regularly care for and cleanse my energy body and devote a lot of time to self-reflection and working on my own and collective issues as a prerequisite for being able to work responsibly and powerfully. And as a side note, I love it 🙂

Nowadays, almost all spiritual, healing or ritual specialists who act as mediators to the invisible world among various ethnic groups and indigenous peoples around the world are called shamans.

A shaman as a link between the visible and invisible world is familiar with the laws of the cosmos. He is able to communicate with any form of consciousness, be it human souls, nature spirits, animals, stones, masters or angels or ancestors.

This does not necessarily require the consumption of psychoactive plants. Over time, a shaman naturally learns to put himself into a trance-like state quickly and easily without any aids.

In a ritual or in a healing session, the powers of the cardinal points and spirits are called into the sacred space and I myself act as their channel and amplifier. This happens to me without consuming hallucinogenic plants. I become calm inside, I say prayers inwardly, in which I ask the forces to work. Then I listen to them and the soul of the client and get answers to the blockages and disharmony in the form of images, inspirations or emotional and physical sensations that I know how to interpret and balance from experience.

The western shamanic path and today’s task as shamans and humans

There are reasons why the indigenous peoples are so actively and increasingly sharing their ancient knowledge and power with us.

If we look at global developments, it becomes clear that the spread and revival of the old, wise traditions of the indigenous peoples in synthesis with modern achievements is important and can have a lot of positive effects.

The western world needs its own shamans who are familiar with the culture and customs. People who can combine ancient indigenous traditions with modern holistic and psychological or physical therapy approaches. In this way I can support people here in a holistic and healing way with their concerns and in reconnecting to their own soul essence, mother earth, nature and the cosmos.

The ancient peoples know about this and made a conscious decision to share their teachings. There is, among other things, the prophecy of the Hopis and the Inca about current global developments and the role of the ancient peoples.

Of course, there are also black (or unconscious) sheep in shamanism, but this is the case in every area, from food manufacturers to doctors to real estate agents. It is important to listen to your inner voice and look with an open mind. No system is bad per se, it always depends on how much awareness and love we use it and what we create from it.

It’s time we ALL come together and pool our skills to solve current challenges. Old and new, tradition and modernity, nature and technology, visible and invisible, heaven and earth.

And I am very happy to be part of the big picture and to contribute to the creation of the new world with my love and shamanic work.


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