Every soul that incarnates on earth comes with learning tasks that span many incarnations as well as with cosmic assignments in order to work their light into the world.

We fulfill some of the assignments or determinations in soul groups that work together towards a goal. So also the sacred wise women. They have found each other as an energetic group (not all are incarnated on earth) to balance and heal the feminine energies. They have enormous healing knowledge and the gift of connecting deeply with the earth, without neglecting the cosmos and the divine principle. A deep power of regeneration is transmitted through them. They connect the dead with the living and know the gates that have to be crossed in order to be reborn.

I have been working with the sacred wise women in healing sessions for a long time. They care for wounds of the femine and the inner childs, for split-off parts of the soul with light and herbal essences as well as their unconditional love and pep them up until the soul can integrate them more easily.

They come in healing sessions, to remember clients of their own connection to them and remind them of their task.

They come as I roam the woods and deepen my connection to nature. They come through when I sing with my shamanic drum….

On my last menstrual period they gave me an even deeper insight and left me this channeling for all other holy wise women to remember:

Call of the sacred wise women

Once upon a time there were the wise women who met in the deepest forests and on the highest mountains in order to connect in the large circle of sisterhood that serves the prosperity of nature and all life.

They maintained an intensive communication with the plants, animals and trees and knew how everything and everyone was doing and acted when balance was restored. They also loved the moon, the sun and the stars and felt very close to them when they were in the prime of their power and life.

The women loved and cared for each other, such was their power and influence almost magical. With their love and their will, they could move mountains, make rivers flow, and turn barren land into an oasis of joy. They cultivated their sisterly bond with great devotion and the greatest trust in and with one another. Their hearts laughed and cried together, honoring every feeling.

At special cycle heights, they met at places of power all over the world to celebrate life, exchange ideas and reconnect again and again. For none would be the same when they met again, as each woman was connected to growth and transformation through life itself, from which they drew their strength and wisdom.

Each of them had unique abilities, and each had their destiny and beings for whose welfare they were responsible. In being together they were able to recharge, strengthen each other and reflect their creative power and beauty in their being in order to recognize themselves more deeply.

The times when the women met became fewer and fewer, because with Christianization it became difficult to lead this kind of life without being persecuted, condemned and killed.

The union weakened and was almost in danger of breaking up. Trust turns into fear and distrust, courage and determination, hiding in oneself and self-doubt, connectedness in disorientation, and strength flowed into destruction and dark paths.

So the remaining women met once again in the woods and decided to bury the wisdom, magic and power they held deep in the earth and entrust them to the womb of Mother Earth. Each let their light and that of their ancestors sink into the earth, sealed with an individual symbol. It was to remain there until a time would come when the natural connection with life and female power would once again find a place on earth and in people’s consciousness.
With their physical death, most wise women forgot what had happened. For many lifetimes the wise souls wandered around in the unconscious of their powers or vague intuitions. They had lost something important and felt sad and empty. Over time, the hole filled up with a wide variety of influences, teachings and beliefs that did not correspond to her true nature. The darkness of their unconsciousness kept their treasures hidden.

But where had her light, her wisdom, her strength gone?

It was received deep in the earth in the womb of Gaia, by the wisdom keepers and priestesses who have been living underground for some time. They preserved everything, in supreme love and care, until the wise women on earth would be ready to let their light and true being shine again.

You would free yourself from all illusions and conditioning in order to boldly dive into the deepest levels and layers of your being. you would find access to yourself again. Her wombs would be cleansed of pain, suffering and overlays to find the door to the womb of the earth where her light power, an important part of her being, lay sheltered.

The keepers await the return of all wise women to this day. They feel when the woman’s soul is ready. She will allow herself to reclaim her sacred space with full awareness. Layer by layer. She will establish contact with her womb spirit and learn to nurture it. Once the connection is made, the spirit of the womb will sink deep into the earth, especially during the menstrual period, and take the woman on a journey to herself and the source of her feminine power. She will lead you into the sacred spaces to the wisdom keepers of the earth and all other womb spirits that have also found their way. There they will rest, heal and recharge together. During the night we will sing together the old songs that connect everything in love and heal all breaks and separations, especially those related to male power. They will weave the new world from dreams and visions. They will distribute the tasks to strengthen the web of light, connectedness and unity.

Your psychic abilities and hidden knowledge will be activated and your light will begin to shine more powerfully than ever. United in themselves and with the oldest parts of their earthly souls, with awareness in their laps and in their hearts, they will set out to find the other sisters in order to heal together with them and create something new. A wise woman will love deeply and live a sacred sexuality, joyfully and powerfully teaching connectedness to life simply by being. Live their magic without manipulation. She will be fulfilled and content. Deeply connected to heaven and earth at the same time.

So if you feel the spirit of the wise women in you, follow the soul call. And if you haven’t already, cleanse and clear your womb, bring life and light to the pelvis, allow yourself to feel into the deepest layers. Take a break when you have your bleeding. No plans, no appointments. Go into nature and listen to the spirit of your womb. Follow her when she wants to sink into the earth. Let yourself sink into the womb of the earth to remember the old sisterhood and female primal power and let go of everything with every bleeding that is still preventing you from shining your light into the world and connecting deeply again. with life. with the cosmos. with your strength It’s time. We are waiting. There are many.

Would you like to connect more deeply with the sacred wise women? – Then come into my 1:1 six month accompaniment ” your sacred path“, where go together on a deep healing journey and shed all the layer into your sacred feminine wisdom and power.

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