After a long summer break (although I was actually only busy with too many things to write and channel in peace) here is my new format for you: A forecast for the respective month, something for everyone who feels addressed by the reading to raise awareness of what can serve us on our life path here on earth. So see, feel and enjoy! And if you would like an individual reading, contact me.

1. What does September have in store for us and what should we pay special attention to?

This time is a very special one in terms of our self-awareness. It is important to look very carefully and to question what really nourishes us on a physical, mental and spiritual level. It is a good time to leave behind habits that are self-destructive and weaken our energy system. Saturn helps us develop the necessary discipline to strengthen and further develop our health on all levels of being.

2. What are the challenges and issues that need to be looked at and healed?How can we support our soul, spirit and body?

Self-care and self-acceptance are required on all levels. To accept your body as it is and to honor it, as well as all feelings and thoughts that are still preoccupying you and thus preventing you from doing what you really want. Many thoughts and feelings that pull our vibration down want to be lovingly recognized and dissolved in full acceptance. In particular, the mental field can be cleared particularly strongly this month to make room for new inspirations and ideas. Allow yourself to purify on all levels. Pay attention to what you feed your mind with and get picky. Your inner clearing leads to creating space and resolving doubts so that you can really follow your deepest spiritual impulses, which will bring you health on all levels.

Go out into nature a lot and connect with it, and ask for clearing of your energy field. The connection with mother Earth can support you powerfully.

Consider yourself valuable and treat yourself like the greatest treasure, so that your self-love can continue to grow in you.

3. What are the gifts of the month?

This month you can gain clarity that you have been missing so far in order to take further steps on your life path. Many decisions that you have avoided so far can be made and implemented this month. You develop the strength and concentration to carefully prepare and carry out your cosmic plans. In doing so, allow yourself to feel the joy and satisfaction deep within your soul. And most importantly, always decide for Yourself, that way you can be of the greatest service to others in the long run.

4. Healing message for September

Your love is limitless. Everything you need to be healthy is provided by the Universe. You have the freedom to choose what is good for you and serves you at the deepest level.