The angels of the rainbow colours

We are always there and give you everything you need to fulfill your soul plan.

We are your consolation when you have suffered. We are your warm hug when you need to rest. We are the enlightening moment when you need new inspiration or ideas.
We are the uplifting in you when you are asked to move forward strong and brave or to make difficult decisions. We are your inspiration if you want to write or paint a song.

We are the trust in you when you don’t know what to do next. We are the directors of your steps when your confusion is great and you are in real danger.

We come whenever you call us and allow us to change your frequency, to renew your alignment. To remember who you really are. We reach you in different ways, in dreams, in thoughts, in feelings, in visions or we speak softly to you or send you an angel in human form.

We know many ways to you, the gate is always the heart. If you consciously leave your door open for us, so much more is possible. We work in colors, shapes and patterns that lift you to your true hgreatness or simply prevent you from falling.

We love you unconditionally. Because you belong to us. In our circle. The circle that belongs to all of us. Also to you humans. Because you also come from our world, your roots of light in heaven lead you to your families. They have been waiting for so long to be able to support you again so that you can fulfill your task on earth.
They too are your heavenly helpers. Not just the angels and masters.

We all love you and want to grow with you and transform Gaia into a paradise that can be a place of bliss for many beings.

The diversity is the wealth that you have. Your individuality is the key to your high selves and your divinity. It leads you into full connectedness. The courage to be different, i.e. to be yourself, is needed more than ever before. And that’s exactly where we can support you to be who you came for. And yes, taking off the old layers of fear and control requires a big heart and courage, but we are there and accompany you step by step. You will not fall this way.

Some illusions on the way were needed for your development and let you experience pain and suffering in order to become wiser, some things could not be avoided. But it is time, now you can swing steadily upwards with us to fulfill your divine plan. The suffering is over. Believe in yourself. You are allowed to be happy. And to be light. We stand by you to free you from old shells to melt into the field of unity. We are with you in this process and do not let you fall on this path. You are taken care of when you honestly follow your heart that knows your truth.

Your connection to the divine self lies in your heart, till you have completely united yourself with it and it is all-present. Then we will all be in you too, because we have always been you. It’s rainbow time. It is time for you and the world to shine in all colors. In the most beautiful nuances and facets. Be the bearer of light that you always have been. The sparkling joyful crystal that loves and honors life.
Let your rays awaken and vibrate in your most beautiful light and melody.
You can because you are. We love you.
The angels of the rays of color.