What is shamanism?

Nowadays, the spiritual practices of indigenous peoples are called shamanism. These include the experience of feeling connected to nature and every creation on earth and experiencing them as alive.

These are ancient healing traditions and ways of life that are in perfect harmony with nature and the cosmos.

There are many different shamanic branches and currents worldwide, but all are similar in the following ways:

  • Closeness to nature – We are all children of Mother Earth and connected to everything that is.
  • comprehensive cosmology – e.g. Everything lives and is inspired. There is life after death and existence of higher spirits.
  • the division into lower, middle and upper world as a world view
  • Knowledge and application of laws and cycles
  • Practice rituals and ceremonies for people and nature
  • Spiritual practice to raise awareness and clarify the energy body
  • Contact and exchange with the otherworld / spirit world (often in ecstasy)
  • Self-healing, high self-reflection and awareness
  • Awareness as guardian of the earth and advisor, healer, teacher for the community

How old is shamanism?

The origins of shamanism go back at least 40,000 years, but cannot be clearly established. Ultimately, we all come from shamanic cultures. There were also expert healers and shamans in Europe, such as the druids among the Celts or the herbal women of the forest, who had a healing effect in many places until the Inquisition.

Older known traditions without a complete break in the traditional tradition can be found in Polynesia, Mexico, the Andes of Peru and in Nepal.

The Inca shamanism to which I belong the most and in which I am connected comes from the (pre-) Inca culture over 12,000 years ago, which was practiced in the Andes between Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. Rituals, ceremonies and sacred knowledge of over 5000 square meters could be preserved without a complete break through Christianity.

Inca shamanism is very open and free of religious guidelines, works with the powers of Pachamama (Mother Earth, Gaia), nature, power animals and ancestors and light frequencies. We can also call spiritual helpers like Maria, the archangels or ascended masters to our side. All those with whom every healer is personally most connected.

Not every shaman is necessarily just a healer who gives sessions, some are also consultants, masters of ceremonies or work more in the background.

Healers in the Andes are usually mesa bearers and work with them in healing sessions as well as ceremonies. A misha or mesa is a kind of mobile personal altar of a shaman, which fills with healing stones and power objects through initiations and its own healing path, thus bundling and strengthening the connection to the cosmic forces. During a healing session, these powers can work through the shaman, who acts as a channel and transmitter.

The Inca shamans work like any other healer with the energy field of humans, other living beings and the universe. There are different approaches and focal points in the descriptions and descriptions of each culture. However, everyone looks at the same thing.

What is a shaman?

The word shaman has its origins in the language of the ancient Tungus people in Siberia.

One is not quite sure about the original meaning. Presumably even the Tunguisi term “saman” goes back to a Sanskrit term, which is translated with practicing religious ascetic.

In fact, shamans and healers lack a lot and practice different practices and rituals in order to expand their normal sensory perception and make it easier to get in touch with the invisible world. I also rarely drink alcohol, do without cigarettes, coffee, white sugar, animal products, because they limit my perception in excess. I regularly maintain and clean my energy body and devote a lot of time to self-reflection and working on my own and collective issues, as a prerequisite for being able to work responsibly and powerfully. And on the side, I love it 🙂

Nowadays, almost all spiritual, healing or ritual specialists, who act as mediators to the invisible world in various ethnic groups and indigenous peoples, are called shamans.

A shaman as a link between the visible and invisible world, is familiar with the laws of the cosmos and is able to communicate with all forms of consciousness, be it human souls, natural spirits, animals, stones, masters or angels or the ancestors.

This does not necessarily require the consumption of psychoactive plants. Over time, a shaman naturally learns to put himself into a trance-like state quickly and easily without any aids.

In a ritual or healing session, the powers of the cardinal points and spirits are called into the sacred space and I myself act as their channel and amplifier. That happens to me without consuming hallucinogenic plants. I become calm inside, say prayers in which I ask the forces to work. Otherwise I listen to them and the client’s soul. Then I get answers about the blocks in the form of images, inspirations or feelings and body sensations that I know to interpret and unblock from experience.

The western shamanic way and today’s task as shamans and humans

There are reasons why indigenous peoples are so active and increasingly sharing their ancient knowledge and strength with us.

If we look at global developments, it becomes clear that the spreading and revitalization of the ancient wise traditions of the indigenous peoples in synthesis with modern achievements is important and can do a lot of positive things.

The western world needs its own shamans who are familiar with the culture and habits here and who can combine ancient indigenous traditions with holistic and psychological and physical therapeutic approaches of modern times. So I can support people here holistically and wholesome with their concerns as well as in the reconnection to their own soul essence, mother earth, nature and the cosmos.

The ancient peoples know about this and have consciously decided to share their teachings. There are the prophecy of the Hopis and the Incas about current global developments and the role of the ancient peoples.

Of course there are also black (or unconscious) sheep in shamanism, but this is the case in every area, from food manufacturers to doctors to real estate agents. It is important to listen to the inner voice and to look with a keen eye. No system is bad per se, it always depends on how much awareness and love we use it and what we create from it.

It is time that we ALL come together and bring our skills together to solve current challenges. Old and new, tradition and modern, nature and technology, visible and invisible, heaven and earth.

And I am very happy to be part of the big picture and to contribute to the shaping of the new world with my love and shamanic work.

How does a shamanic healing session work?

According to the cosmology of the ancient peoples and shamans, everything is animated and full of energy. The universal spirit (spirit) lives in every matter, be it stone, plant, place or human being, and breathes material life into it with its pure cosmic light energy. We call the consciousness that arises soul. Plants and animals are more of a collective consciousness, while we humans all have an individual.

As spirit and soul in one body, it is possible for us to live and feel here on earth and to have sensual experiences. The soul is our essence, its language is feelings, sensations and images that arise in the experience. So that the soul can experience and learn, everything we have ever said, done, thought and felt is stored by the soul of a person (or animal etc.) as information in its own and collective energy field.

Everything that does not correspond to the highest vibration of the cosmic light energy and one’s own soul essence is manifested as disharmony in the energy field and interrupts the natural flow. This influences the formation of the material level and thus also our body. Unprocessed psychological injuries and shocks lead to blockages and long-term illnesses in humans, animals and plants.

Why are you wondering. Good question! What reasons and effects our life has on the universe I can not fully grasp with my mind and some things will probably remain a mystery to me.

But how else could we experience and learn from all facets of being between the poles of duality? Basically it is about maturing mentally by feeling everything, learning from our painful experiences and remembering our inner divine or universal light. Through our healing from the pole of fear, pain and separation we come back to the primordial vibration of love and unity.

This is our common task here on earth, to which everyone contributes their own wonderful and important part through their individuality.

What does a shaman work with?

Shamans are the intermediaries between the material world and the invisible world of the spirit. They are able to balance disharmonies between body, soul and spirit and to accompany the soul in its learning tasks.

A shaman always works with the soul and the energy field and helps people, plants, animals and stones. He senses and recognizes when something is out of the higher cosmic order (and oriented too unipolar) and shows itself in the form of illnesses or blockages.

Shamans have strong media senses and can communicate with everything that has a living consciousness, such as a human soul, a plant, a place and with the spirits in the invisible world.

The invisible world of spirit

How different the tradition of the ancient peoples may be, the division of the invisible world is similar. It is divided into the lower world, the middle and the upper world. However, hierarchies and structures within the individual perception and cultural context are shaped and individually colored.

Basically you can say:

The middle world corresponds to our day awareness and our real world in which we live, it is just expanded by the spiritual-spiritual principle. Here you can travel, e.g. to forgive other souls or to explore different soul spaces like the soul garden.

The lower world corresponds to our sub (sub) conscious, our feelings, instincts. Depending on how you travel, you come to the individual as well as the collective unconscious. Here we find split off soul parts (in psychology this corresponds to repressed feelings and traumas), as well as our resources and buried earthly talents and talents. This can be brought back to you through a strengthening journey or soul retrieval.

In the upper world we find higher levels of consciousness and our own lost divine parts of the soul, plant, stone, and animal spirits as well as angels, ascended masters and other light beings, but also deceased and lower astral beings. Here we get access to higher visions and our life’s work.

The soul forms matter

Our soul forms our subtle energy field, which is often known as the aura and chakra system. It is connected to our body via other fine energy channels and the nervous system as an interface and influences its state.

The current quality of our soul energy field, when I read as a shaman, says a lot about our inner self, as well as our earthly habits and state of mental development. Feelings like anger, grief or joy are immediately perceptible in the quality of the aura.

Soul wounds as imprints in our energy field

If we live loving and life-affirming patterns, our aura is strengthened in its natural order and our body is healthy and all processes work. We feel comfortable and are balanced.

Disharmonic patterns or imprints arise when an (mostly traumatic or sudden) event storms on us that overwhelms our normal mental processing ability. If we are confronted with excessive feelings and pain or violence that we cannot digest, we split off these and some of the associated memories. This happens particularly quickly in childhood, since we don’t yet have so many mechanisms available and everything is filtering on us unfiltered.

This interrupts the natural flow of energy and the exchange of inner and outer world. Part of your own energy (loss of soul) often sticks to what is happening (the other soul or in time and place). Since our system always strives for balance, foreign energies settle in vacancies, which resonate and are attracted by a similar pattern of suffering. It is often the split-off energies of our parents and ancestors that later make it difficult for us to find our own identity.

If we then (mostly unconsciously) want to avoid the repetition of the pain experienced, the firmer structures and blockages arise on an energetic as well as on a neuronal level. These are linked to certain patterns of thought and action and allow us to react almost automatically over time. Our sensitivity decreases and our perception of reality is colored by our fears of beliefs and rigid reaction patterns.

This requires space for feeling and loving acceptance as well as clarifying the energy field. Then we can have new positive learning experiences.

Healing is always associated with a development of consciousness and an inner process of knowledge that opens your heart to love and connectedness with all life.

Your healing goes far beyond you

At the same time, the ancestors from your system who are in resonance with the processed soul theme and were connected to your energy field are also released. You will find peace if you walk your way and step out of the wheel of repetitions. From a higher level, they can give you their blessings and assist you with love to give you powerful support in our path of life. The shamans and indigenous peoples have known about this great power for millennia.

In addition to the entire family system, the collective field (which stores all human experiences) is fed with new healing information. This is slowly and steadily affecting all life. It is therefore worthwhile to look at your own topics several times.

I am happy to help you as a shaman and human being.

Curious? Feel invited to learn more about my healing sessions and despachos.

Aho, Agneta