Although many people intuitively feel the power of rituals, I am repeatedly asked how and why they work. I would like to explain this using a despacho, a ritual that I perform frequently. A ritual bundled certain forces in and around us for a specific purpose. And if we align this in love and harmony and for the highest good of all that IS, then we speak of white magic.

The Despacho has its origin in the pre-Inca culture in the Andean region. At that time, various offerings were made to Mother Earth and the forces of the universe working through the spirits and nature. In this way one brought the path of one’s own soul or the community into harmony with heaven and earth in order to live in health and abundance. This ritual was passed on to the Q’ero, a mountain people in the Andes, who in the past centuries lived in seclusion at an altitude of over 4000m. So they preserved these rites and the sacred knowledge of the forces of life without interruption by the church and modern innovations. With the prophecy of Pachakutek, they have returned from the mountains since the 1960s. This says that a time will come when the old, holy wisdom will be needed in the civilized world in order to come into balance and harmony. And it is more than there. 😉

I am very happy and grateful that this touching ritual has found its way to me and into my heart. The Q’eros have used it for a very long time to stay in a fruitful connection with Mother Earth and the forces of nature and thus e.g. to be able to grow potatoes at an altitude of 4000m and actually barren soil. To this day, some of them live almost exclusively from it and in the best of health. How is that possible?

The effect of rituals

A despacho or any other ritual that goes hand in hand with respectful appreciation and blessing as well as loving heart connection with the earth, nature and the cosmos brings forth powerful, keen, living and luminous new things. The blessing of food at Christian grace is a relic of that. All actions and prayers that are based on thanks to the invisible forces of life and their diverse manifestations (nature, animals, human elements) and are carried out with love can bring about great energetic changes with positive effects. This is the essence of every ritual, so to speak. The special thing about Despacho is that one breathes one’s blessings and wishes into the gifts with the breath. A conscious breath connects us with our divine, very own power and soul essence. If we now breathe this in thanks and appreciation for an element, a quality or spirit, a harmonious energetic bridge to it is built and called into consciousness and a disharmonious one is corrected. By the way: Since energy follows attention, we connect with everything that we consider physically or even mentally – this is also the case with unpleasant things …

That means, if you take a gift for the element water and breath your prayer into it, you make contact with the water. You can e.g. bless all waters you have already been to, thank them for it and connect with their power. You can also ask for inner spiritual purification of your emotions (feelings want to flow) and even harmonize your water balance. Once you’ve blessed a lake and then go swimming in it, it’s a completely different feeling. He will welcome you and become a place of healing for you. Works the same with mountains, forests, and other locations. You can also come into loving harmony with the spirit of your apartment or house. If we pay attention to them, we will find peace and strength in our home and are better shielded from stressful structures of force (such as neighbors’ quarrels, road traffic).

What can make a despacho for?

I do despachos for different occasions. You can do such a ritual e.g. not just creating for you, but involving other people. As I said, anything is possible, here are a few examples. The blessing and welcoming of a new citizen, a wonderful alternative to baptism to bring your offspring into harmonious alignment. Because of the way births take place in this country, we carry more or less great birth trauma with us, which can be resolved in such a ritual. You can also give the placenta an energetic place and strengthen the family ties between parents and child, and ask the deceased ancestors for protection and a blessing. A union ritual for connecting two people, as an alternative to a church or civil wedding. When two people are ready to pool their strengths between heaven and earth and say YES to each other, in difficult as well as in easy times, it is a blessing for the earth. It is especially powerful to witness this decision before the spirits, mother earth and God (the universe, highest source or whatever your name may be) and to ask for assistance and blessings. The ancestors and the family soul can be included, which adds a level of power. For connection to a new plot of land, house or apartment. Every place, every house and even every apartment has its own energy field and thus a spirit. Informing and appreciating them when moving into a new home increases the feel-good factor, removes contaminated sites and harmonizes burdens that lie on the property and helps to create a new order. Being in harmony with the place where you live also brings harmony inside. Tree spirits and other natural spirits also find their attention her.

The classic one: Healing Despacho, especially for astrological and cyclical events that are based on the moon and the position of the sun, are particularly powerful. Basically, all mental issues can be worked on and brought into awareness and balance. Saying goodbye to a loved one can be made easier for both sides in a despacho and healing ritual. In the indigenous cultures it is part of helping the soul in the transition to the other world through prayers and ritual acts as well as giving space to one’s own feelings as a remnant in order to be able to let the soul of the deceased go. Thanks to my mediumship, in our part of the world I can often perceive the dead who have not yet left and are bound in suffering. Our world would be easier with a conscious culture of death. Even if it was a long time ago, one can work effectively here.

Why do we need rituals?

There is a view that there is no need for rituals for anything. Rituals are old-fashioned or a conscious attitude is sufficient. But just how conscious are we really? How aware are we of the forces that are working in and around us? Can we always perceive it and let it work through us for the highest good of all? Or is their effect lost in the winds or are they even blocked or deactivated? To this day I keep discovering new forces in and around me, as well as still unconscious shadow parts that want to be brought to light (or consciousness) in order to have a loving effect on me. Then healing begins.

And that is exactly what rituals can make possible for us: Awaken forces in and around us. They allow us to consciously establish contact with them, bundle them lovingly and align them constructively. Then it is much easier for us to trust when we know our powers and they know us. We can bring ourselves into harmonic alignment at any time, especially with the cosmos, (Creator, God) and mother earth. We come in accordance with our soul plan and in our midst. Ultimately, all roads lead to unconditional and all-embracing love and heart opening, but there are stony ones with painful detours and some that approach with joy and ease. Health, happiness and abundance arise through a harmonious working of the forces in us and around us. If we consciously align ourselves more often (with or without ritual), we will see and go our way with different, more alert eyes.

So how are you connected to life In fear and doubt or in love and trust?