The Despacho – shamanic gratitude ritual between heaven and earth

Learn a way
to deeply connect to mother earth, the primal forces, elements and your spirit guides

Door opener & companion for connecting with the primal forces of life within you and in nature

I’ll introduce you to the magic and power of shamanic natural rituals!

In this course you will learn the holy way of creating a prayer bundle for the elements (fire, earth, water, air & ether), Mother Earth, natural beings and plant and animal spirits. Offerings for them are brought together in a wonderful and touching way in order to build, deepen and harmonize a conscious connection.

This ritual touches the soul and heart and opens you to the subtle levels beyond everyday life.

The magic of despachos is to feel that everything is alive and connected to us and speaks to us when we become quiet and listen. A feeling of being supported and of deep connection can arise.

Working with the elements brings us into new contact with life and with ourselves in a completely original and magical way. Our body is earth. Our ancestors are earth. Our breathing is air. Water flows through us as well as our feelings and our Blood. Fire is our driving force and our spirit. Ether is the connecting and created element that animates everything with the divine essence.

Mother Earth gives us life and nourishes us. We are their children. The animals and plant spirits are always with us and there for us. In this way we can express our gratitude, love and appreciation in the Despacho ritual and let it flow to them.

The forces around and within us deserve our respect and loving attention. They give us energy and vitality right from the start, but many people today have lost awareness of it and their ability to perceive it. In shamanic rituals we can give something back and lovingly create an energetic balance. This brings lasting more health, harmony and abundance to you as well as a reconnection with everything that is. WIN WIN.

Everyone can, may and should come into contact with the forces that accompany and surround them. That does something to us. Self-awareness is self-empowerment. Despacho is heart opening and reconnection.

That’s why I teach this ritual and it’s close to my heart to open this level of experience for you and to give you this wonderful tool as a lightbringer on your soulpathpath.

The course can be used as an introduction to ritual work or to expand your repertoire of healing tools.

I adapt the learning pace and level in the course to your individual level of knowledge and experience. There is a 20-minute check-in phone call at the beginning. In the end you will be capable of creating your own despacho for mother earth and the elements and to be able to develop the ritual further

Content of this course:
20 min check- in call, to get to know each other and check your individual experience-level

Seminar documents in PDF format, which you will receive at the beginning of the course:

  • Despacho basics introduction, detailed instructions for the elements Despacho
  • The 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air & ether) and their assignments
  • Audio meditation for connecting to heaven and earth / aligning your main energy channel
  • You have time to go throgh these either until the check-In appointment or the first Despacho Ritual appointment, which we will arrange individually.

2 Video Calls 1:1 – Duration: 3h video call with Despacho- rituals

We meet twice in an interval of 2-4 weeks for two shared despachos:

In the first Despacho you can simply touch yourself and let yourself fall and I will convey to you the essence of the ritual. There is time to ask questions.

In the second Despacho you can deepen the experience. Or you can also take the lead, especially if you also work shamanically or energetically. Co-creation is also possible. We look individually at what suits you best.

Chat/call support during the course and 4 weeks afterwards
during the course as well as after our shared Despachos, you have 4 weeks to design your own rituals for yourself – while I will answer your questions in writing/voicemail via Messenger/Telegram Chat side stand.

Price: 660 euros (extra option: if you are a couple, it costs 990 euros for both of you)

If you want to learn more about this wonderful ritual, then read my blog article here.

And of course you can find out more in a free consultation of about 20 minutes and feel whether it’s right for you.