Your Despacho ritual course

Learn a way
to deeply connect to mother earth, the elements and your spirit guides

The magic of a Despachos – to feel that everything is alive and connected to us and speaks to us when we become still and listen. To feel this being carried – by life and the invisible but perceptible forces. The heart opens gently and deep gratitude and humility fill our being.

The forces around and within us deserve our respect, our loving attention to activate, maintain and harmonize the connection. And just as they give us energy, we can give something back to them. And yes, they love energy! An essential and yet often forgotten building block for connectedness and holistic abundance in harmony with the big picture, which should not only be reserved for shamans. Everyone can, may and should connect with the forces that accompany and surround them.

Learn this shamanic gratitude ritual from the old Inca tradition that connects you with heaven and mother earth, matter and spirit. Get in conscious contact with the elemental spirits of fire, water, earth and air. Connect in harmony with the kingdoms of animals, plants and spiritual ancestors and create an energetic balance with everything that surrounds you.

Content of your personal course:

Written seminar documents with:

  • 4 directions (South, east, north, west) & How to Open a Sacred Space
  • Despacho basic understanding, instructions for the elements Despacho
  • The 5 elements and their assignments
  • Connection to Heaven and Earth (Audio Meditation)

1h video call to answer your questions before the ritual

2.5 hour video call for a despacho to connect with mother earth, the elements and your spirits guides

A recording will be sent to you for download.

Chat/call support 6 weeks after our common despacho, you have 6 weeks to design your own ritual for yourself – while I am at your side to answer questions before and after via video/voice call/telegram chat

Price: 390 Euro

Addition 2nd despacho: It is possible to do a second despacho of 3 hours with me. You can lead through the ritual and I stand by your side and give you feedback.

Surcharge: 250 euros

If you want to learn more about this wonderful ritual, then read my blog article here.

And of course you can find out more in a free consultation of about 20 minutes and feel whether it’s right for you.