Fire instead of fireworks. My 2019 started with that. And it came with an important message: fire needs space.

Here is the analogy: It took 3 attempts to burn. The base, the element earth, was soaked with a lot of water. Yes, if water and our feelings do not flow, but are stuck somewhere in things, it takes a little more time before the inner fire can unfold. It takes courage, focus, passion and patience until the tears are dry and the conditions are optimal. And yes it takes the air, the freedom of thought and spirit to be able to burn at all. So it whispered inside me: Fire needs space. At the same time as this message, the fire finally began to burn properly, to grow large and to take up its space. To warm us and to invite to quiet dreams. Our spirit, i.e. we ourselves, can create this space in us at any time so that our inner fire and thus our love power can grow. First, by recognizing what is – our base, the earth and the water. By not biting or judging any thought or feeling. By not trying to control what we think and feel. But just being with it. And for that it is often enough just to breathe consciously and be still with us. So to say YES to what is in and around us.euer statt Feuerwerk.

Then we will be warm. Our divine spark, our soul essence, kind of kindles itself and our driving force, heartfelt love and our passion can unfold and soar to new heights. Because life itself wants to develop further and higher. What exactly forms out of it is unpredictable, like the shape of the fire itself. At most our deepest feelings, which arise in the form of visions and inner images and innermost values ​​are signposts of what our soul wants to create powerfully.

That scared me for a long time not to know which (life) forms arise from my inner impulses. But just in 2018 I learned: Everything that we give birth to and let arise out of (self-) love has more nourishing warmth in it and creates even more love. Everything we do in and out of fear will make us tighter, limit our freedom and fear again. So I look carefully, what am I doing and why? What carries my thoughts and actions? So I wish all of us in 2019 that we create so much inner space simply through our BEING THERE that our inner fire of love can continue to kindle and expand. We can warm and inspire us and those connected to us. It continues to burn old structures of guilt, fear and shame and worthlessness, which still keep us from burning for our innermost needs and spiritual tasks and from giving birth to them into the world. I wish us a broad and inspiring spirit that serves us in and for freedom instead of controlling. Who considers everything possible, what our soul longs for. With this inner opening, the most wonderful things can happen. Life is Magic.