Love your inner child

Many say they have lost their childhood and mean by that the light-heartedness, the impartiality, the non-existence of a judging mind and the still very little influence of conditioning. But over time and in order to fulfill the requirements of the social environment much of what was valuable to you was lost. You left essential parts of your being behind in space and time, because they do not receive enough space and time, what means attention. Some were probably frowned upon and forbidden in your family system. For the sake of belonging on something in the outside, you left your childhood behind on the inside and lost the connection with yourself.

Thus more and more parts of other and foreign systems had space in you to feed on your energy and to make you part of their goals. And you thought it was normal.

To plow. To toil. To make an effort. To bend you So that you can get a piece of the cake that is supposedly not enough for everyone anyway. Ever emptier inside with ever greater hunger outside, which seemed insatiable, you burned out, or collapsed or ran numbly on the hamster wheel … until it finally stops and the soul cries for repentance ..

Because there is this longing in you, something that sometimes lights up in your chest and wants to pull you home, in a place in you where everything is connected and at peace. And deep down you know that this is the one truth, and not what you are being told outside so that you can keep chasing some illusory carrots …

So your eyes and your hope slowly turn away from the outside to turn to something that you can only find within yourself. And maybe you hear a vulnerable child’s laughter, a curious look and a tingling sensation in your feet or a bounce in your heart because something in you is starting to cheer. Something that was long hidden, the sacred connection in you with you.

The inner child full of purity and innocence, carried by the golden-white primary stream of male and female power, it flows into your consciousness and into all your limbs and body. Fills you in and brings back what was never lost into your presence in the here and now.

Perceive what is moving inside you right now, what would like to be rediscovered and felt. Embrace the pain of this long separation and let in tears of joy. Let this golden child in you grow bigger, let the glow in your chest become a fire that expands. More and more every day. Let your love get so great that it can embrace the whole world in and around you.