Perfection and control

These are two important habits that humans need to let go. They disconnect you from your divine guidance and the natural stream and flow of energy.

You hold yourself and others small, by ignoring the beautiful intelligence of creation life power, when you try to take control over an outcome and decide what´s perfect.When you with your human mind think to know better and want to control how things happen, in which order and quality and quanity. Many humans are used put your mental thoughts over the guidance of divine creation power. That disconnects from your soul plan and the truth in your heart. Try to reach things in a certain way with excluding the divine support, makes you mostly feels heavy and stressed, brings suffering and exhaust you till deep in the bones and to your roots….

Because your head and not your heart ist the leader, you can´t feel fullfilled or happy with what you are doing, it´s unlikely that it nourish your soul and divine essence. The head is busy with putting every action and thing in categories of bad, good, worthy, safe and something through the eyes of his past conditions & experiences and also social and family influences. If the mind acts alone, it can be a very cold intelligence, that makes the rest of your being and also other around you to a slave. It tells you how to feel and act in order to be right or safe or perfect. It doesn´t ask the rest of you, if you are alright with that or it even goes over your limits and ressourcces. For your heart right, wrong and all these categories doesn´t exist, everything just is. Through that the heart is integrative, it can include your head and action power, because it doesn´t jugde and it also doesn´t fear in its essence.

There is no need to be perfect, everything is already like it is, and even if it is not perfect, it is life and has a right to be.

Outside there are still laws, humans laws that make you fear things or effects, because they are made out of fear and control. But your fear of failing and punisment and of disconnection allow these systems and other to control you. With your fear you give them the power, you connect to them and keep thís illusion running. And with being part of them you allow them to make you small and functional.

Some Humans are very conditioned to be perfect, because they got punished for actions by an authority, that took over control instead letting the universe and its divine power does its own karma balance by cause and effect. But this wound of punishment, guilt and shame is very deep. And if you gave up on listening to your own divine guidance or fear and trauma interrupt the process, you are mostly rushing and put big pressure on you to do things right. And why? Because you are scared to mess it up.To be abandonded and be alone But here in the now it is just an illusion.

The only disconnection that is missing in this moment is to yourself and your truth.

There are cosmic laws and it doesn´t matter if you know or believe same there always work. Without accepting yourself as an energetic being it mght be hard to perceive the laws, but you can trust them. And a law that shows you love because you start to love yourself, is a human and divine law at the same time. A law that gives you more , because you open in gratitude to receive more, is a really fucking awsome law, isn´t it? A law that brings you more of what you deeply appreciate and grateful for, is a diving blessing. A law that brings you together with people that help you to create your heart dreams, because you started to believe in your heart, is really powerful….

A law that allows you to sink deeper and rewards you with lifting you up higher, wohooo…

That are the laws that support you and make you grow. And they allow you to deeply relax….this is the reality in which you can shift when you let go of the control of the mind and the need to be perfect, because you might get attacked by other that are also in their minds and control. You can get out of this big mind machinery. Its time your heart is calling you, to let go all the fears and jugdements.

Humans doesn´t need artifical rules, they won´t prevent you from what needs to happen to you. LIFE!

It only takes away your own responsibility and sensitivity for life and natural balance.

There was a time, where these laws and human society made rules gave humans securities and there were part of the experience here on earth. But they hurt in so many ways and put pressure on your beautiful soul to be right in a certain way, that disconnect you from life flow. Life is constant change and energy flow in colours and geomentric pattern, that what cosmic laws represent. It is intelligent warm creation energy, that allows everything to be experienced. Even a human law about taxes or wearing a mask or social measure how thick a woman with 20 years should be. But these humans rules keep you in a certain reality, cosmic laws set you free.

So you can expand by letting go of control, of any idea how life, your life will develop. Of this idea how you have to be or an situation should have an certain outcome at a certain time. Let go of the stress to push for these things. Allow yourself to arrive in the moment without any knowing and thinking what should happend right now with you or others. You heart knows.

Your higher self knows. Reconnect.

And it might not be easy for you to just open again to this big life force, to trust in what seems lost. Because it was overshadowed by your mind and foreign systems, that stopped the natural flow…Give yourself the time to open up for the divine power from the source and it´s personal individual support for you. Let the change happen in you just by acknowledging and deceiding for it. Nothing to control or push here. But it needs your awareness and your attention. Your loving being and care for life.

Love, you feel it´s time to stop running, rushing, hidding or trying hard, forcing instead of just being and breathe. In and out. Slowly in and out. To the present, where you can be like you are if you allow yourself. The doorway to this state is always your heart. So come in your middle, your heart.Connect to your soul. To your core. And just allow you to be, no matter how (difficult ) it is. and let the loving divine energy stream allow to start to touch you and flow through you. Let it make you soft. Breathe.

There is nothing to reach. No state, no goal. Everything will reveal in its most beautiful form, if you don´t stand in the way with your mind. Take your mind in your heart and let it rest there. Let buts and ifs melt in your loving heart. Give yourself an smile and a big yes. Rest. Trust yourself, everything will be all-right.