Remote Shamanic Healing

Remote shamanic healing sessions

What you can expect from a shamanic healing session with me:

  • If you book a 2 hours healing session with me, your energy system can experience a complete reset and an intensive deep clarification as well as the merging of your soul energies.

    I clear all of your chakras and aura layers
    - from all old burdens,
    - emotional poisons and trauma,
    - karmic entanglements and implants from these and past lives,
    - Foreign energies and occupations
    - limiting beliefs and programming,

    which are installed in your system like on a computer hard drive.

    However, this process is a bit more complex than with a computer. It can be a very touching and liberating experience to release so many old blocks from your biography, family system and past life.

    Therefore, I connect via the heart level with your higher self, your incarnated soul, in order to transform and redeem what you are now ready for, guided by them.

    Since it is a perfect energetic interaction and our souls and energy bodies are timeless at the highest level, this can also happen over a long distance.

    While you are lying in a relaxed place of your choice and we are in contact by phone, I create a sacred space together with your soul and your energy field in which I work and empathize with you.

    You will feel many changes immediately, others later over days and weeks.
    No matter which topic or concern you choose to work on, this transformative healing work is always about:
    - to heal injuries in the soul and your human being,
    - To solve blockages and limitations of all kinds
    - to free your true self,
    - to bring you into your connection to your higher self, to the earth and the highest source

    so that you can live YOUR life happy, satisfied and guided.

    During the session, you just lie there and let it happen. Perhaps I will ask you to actively participate, as it sometimes takes your conscious alignment and affirmation to bring about changes more easily.
    Finally, you will get a summary of which layers and blockages we have transformed and how you can best support the consciousness expansion process and continue it independently.

    After a session, I recommend that you allow yourself some peace and quiet just for yourself, drink plenty of water and feel it, so that integration can take place more easily.

    If you have any questions, you can contact me and I will give you answers and support by voicemail.

I would be happy to advise you in advance in a free phone call of approx. 20 minutes whether and how we can work with your topics. Write me an email at info@agnetaniemack.com and I'll call you back.