The golden ray and its power

Golden is the light of hope, integrity, and strength with which expansion and abundance come.

The golden frequencies strengthen our very own soul essence and its energetic structures in your body. They give you the strength and the courage to face your soul tasks and to carry them out successfully. Therefore the golden energies are also the frequencies that bring more abundance. They fill empty spaces with our highest potential and the power to fulfill. They expand and allow us to go into our very own vibration. When that happens, there is nothing more to fear. And hope is the power that emerges from within us and aligns us with the light and allows us to realize our soul plan.

If you open yourself to the golden stream, you can become whole again. Gold converts distortions in your field, which have led to splitting off of your soul energy and thus creates the basis that your very own frequency pattern can integrate into your physical body and get a home. It helps you expand your soul vessel, below you, above you and 360 degrees around you. With every bit of expansion you notice how more power flows to you and an inner strength builds up, which gives you the courage to master all challenges. It brings you in connection with your master power. You are able to accept everything, really everything, that you encounter as part of life and creation, without being manipulated or being brought out of your own frequency.
Gold brings you a very special light, in which dark, heavy energy is immediately transformed and energy alien to the system is held off. Gold creates your space for your soul birth. It makes you so great that all aspects of the soul can return to you. That you can get whole. The golden hue carries the vibration of holiness. You can feel the divinity within you in every cell, in every movement, in everything. Everything is holy and healing when it vibrates as a whole and the divine blueprint is fully executed and implemented.

Golden frequencies come with trust in the creator’s plan, which can be lived with the power of gold in its highest development. Gold lets you act with confidence and with full integrity. Your expression then brings strength and abundance into life to other beings as well.

Gold is the birth of your full divinity, your God consciousness that you are God, that you are no different from him. The deep knowing that we all arose from the fullness of God, from his abundance of joy, energy and creativity. Are his image.

You let go of any doubt about your true authority, because it is within you and with the golden energy you will feel the truth and the impulse for movement, for new creation, which happens every moment, in your heart. Male and female are united in the golden consciousness, earth and cosmos in the divine play of love, from which you can draw everything that you have come to do here. And in doing so, you can grow wide and take the space that is yours with sovereignty, self-evident and great kindness.

And you are needed here in your full greatness and divinity and nothing less. Allow yourself to be great. Drink the golden nectar and let yourself be nourished and expanded. To be who or who you’ve always been It’s time. Now. You can let it happen. Miracles will happen when all limitation is melted in you. Life, creation is a miracle, every moment and you are a precious part of it. Let your heart remember this truth and fill every dark spot with gold in you. Gold lifts you up. Gold makes you great, gold makes you just be. Just like you and everyone deserves it.