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Shamanic healing & soulcare!

My name is Agneta Niemack and I am a shamanic healer and channel medium. But I like the term soul companion best :). I learned from healers from the Inka Q`uero tradition as well as from European teachers, which led me to my own shamanic roots. I combine powerful shamanic energy work with psychological and systemic approaches to holistically support people in the modern world and reconnect them to their origin power.

In times of external change, I accompany you in your inner change, so that you can walk your soul and heart path in a deep and loving connection with yourself, powerfully and self-determined.

With my profound transformative shamanic energy and healing work, psychological support and the transmission of healing frequencies and channelings, I dissolve emotional, spiritual, energetic and mental blockages of all kinds, so that you can pacify your past, your innermost resources are activated and you can change your life effect and break new ground.

If you would like to work with me, you can make an appointment with me for a free telephone consultation of approx. 20 minutes. Write me an email or use the contact form and I will get in touch with you.

My offers for you

Shamanic Healing

2 hours of intensive shamanic clarification & reconnection to the root of your concerns

Despacho Ritual

Learn a way to connect deeply with Mother Earth, the elements and spirits

SOUL REading

Messages from your higher self about your soul path & your life questions


2 month intensive healing support for women in times of personal change