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shamanic healing sessionsAgneta Niemack

Shamanic healing & Soul care



Telephone: +49152 5364 0203
E-Mail: info@agnetaniemack.com



Shamanic healing session

A healing session usually lasts usually 2 hours. With this minimum time, we can go really deep to the roots of your concern. I work until an end feels right.

Duration and costs: 260 euros for approx. 2hours. 

Consultation Call FREE of charge

In a free and non-binding introductory talk of approx. 20 min you can tell me your concerns and ask all questions. Of course, you can also simply book a healing session. To do this, send me an email or use my contact form.


In the Akashic Chronicle you find out more about your soulpath and get a better overview of connections, other people and background information from events in the past and present.

Channeling of your higher self can give you deeper insights into your healing process as well as current steps towards your life plan.

You can ask up to 5 questions and I will send you the answer in writing and by Voicemail.

A reading costs 70 Euro.

Availability and appointment

Because I follow my female cyclical nature as often as possible and like to make phone calls in peace, I don't have regular but flexible phone times. I can also be reached in the evening or at the weekend by appointment. It is best to send me an email (or a message with the Telegram mobile app) and we will make an appointment for a telephone consultation.

You can also call me during the day. If I am not available, speak to the AB and I will call you back.