Remote Shamanic Healing Sessions

When book a healing session?

  • you have emotional or mental blocks and you don´t know whwere they come from or how to overcome them
  • you want to release old pattern and energies and integrate heavy or difficult memories from the past
  • you long for liberation of social conditionings and rolemodels to life an authentic and self determined life
  • you need a boost or help to really shift something and finally make the step that you want to do
  • you want to reconnect deeper to yourself, your feeling, needs and values
  • you deal with ancestral traumas and burdens that hold you back from your own life
  • you want to get more clarity and connect to your soul purpose 

For this basically every underlying topic and concern is welcome and we look at what needs to be seen, resolved and reconnected on a spiritual, emotional, mental and energetic level.

You can also bring several topics into one session, as everything is connected and healing usually wants to happen on many levels at the same time. An aspect or a basic theme often emerges that influences several areas of life.

But of course I have my specialist areas in which I have a lot of experience:

  • Ancestral work – liberation and healing from burdens from the ancestral line, releasing transgenerational trauma, blockages and patterns.
  • Strengthening, liberating and healing femininity and building self-esteem
  • Coming to terms with experiences of violence, abuse and neglect in childhood
  • Relationship and partnership issues (recognizing and resolving emotional and karmic entanglements and dynamics)
  • Vocational topics (solving blockages in recognizing and implementing the calling)
  • I often use these topics to accompany times of upheaval, new beginnings or during a great liberation.

If you are currently in this phase, I recommend my intensive support ” Your Sacred Path “

What happens during a session with me?

Safe & powerful frame of my remote shamanic healing sessions:

We meet via Video or Phone Call.

I will connect with you heart to heart to let your soul and your higher self show me what within you now wants to be released, transformed and united. To do this, I open a sacred space in which I work energetically and emotionally.

Since this is an energetic interaction in addition to the interpersonal level and our souls and energy bodies are not bound to space and time, this can also happen over a large distance.

You make yourself comfortable in a quiet place at home (or in nature) while we work. At the beginning of the session and the preliminary discussion, we are welcome to start with video and eye contact. This is especially nice if we don’t know each other yet, but not absolutely necessary. A phone call is just as good.

After the attunement and the preliminary talk, I will pull your energy body onto a mat so that I can work in your energy field as if you were lying in front of me. In addition to shamanic-spiritual healing, I can also use incense, rattles, drums, essential oils and bird crystals to clear your energy field and deeply cleanse your chakras and aura layers.

During the session we will stay in touch so that I can share with you what I would like to see and recognize in the field.

You can give me feedback on how you feel. Sometimes I also ask questions about what I perceive. This usually triggers further sensations and perceptions and opens new doors and deeper spaces. In this way we travel together ever deeper into the space of your soul, your feelings and sensations.

Each session always consists of 3 aspects – energetic clearing & healing and emotional soul support:

Emotional support through deep and difficult feelings

I don’t just work energetically – I’m there as a whole person and accompany you through the emotional processes that may arise.

Energy is soul and soul are feelings and experiences.

My strongest media channel besides clairvoyance is that I can feel every emotion or suppressed feeling in you or your ancestral field. I feel the deepest and most subtle movements in the soul, the emotional body. I dive with you as deeply and finely as possible without overwhelming your system, and I know the deepest and darkest feelings and emotions.

I also use methods of inner part & childwork to help you processing and integrating past difficult situations.

Clearing – Releasing what does not correspond to your soul essence and/or no longer serves your growth

I clear and harmonize all your chakras and aura layers from:
  • old ballast and deadlocked emotional, thought and behavioral patterns
  • emotional and mental blockages and effects of trauma,
  • cross-generational blockages and traumas from your ancestry
  • karmic entanglements, soul contracts and implants from this and previous lives,
  • foreign energies of all kinds
  • limiting beliefs, evaluations and convictions,

Since I come from Inca shamanism, I am a Mesa wearer. That means I have a kind of mobile altar with healing stones, which amplify my power and are connected to one of the oldest healer lines. I use this as support to transform heavy energies, to loosen fixed structures and to supply healing energy.

Healing – (Re)connecting with what was split off or disconnected within you

In a deeper trance and transmit healing energies as a channel medium, I will transmit light frequencies that are individually determined for you to fill your system with information for the reorganization of your energy body and system. F irst I willstream your affected chakras with golden light frequencies (illumination process from Inca shamanism) and the it turns in a free flow.

The following can happen:

  • Balm settles into your emotional wounds and integration and reconnection can happen more easily
  • your masculine and feminine energies get balanced and connect more harmoniously
  • the connection with your higher self and your soul essence are strengthened
  • your main energy channel is realigned and thus the connection to earth and the cosmos is strengthened
  • Parts of the soul from the higher conscious connect with your energy body

After the session

You will notice many changes immediately, others only after days or weeks. An emotional release is still possible the days after. You might cry or have intensive dreams. That is just a healing reaction. So be kind with yourself.

I recommend that you allow yourself some rest and take space after a session, Drink a lot of water to support your body to release further..

I will be available to you via chat/voicemail up to 2 weeks after the session for any question tha may come up.

About my way of working:

Working with the soul requires space and time so that it can truly reveal itself and unfold.

I give a maximum of 2-3 healing sessions per week and only one per day. This means I really have the space and time to tune into you before the session and to come into deep contact with you during the session, to feel you and to bring about the biggest and deepest changes together with you, which is my aim in every session.

I estimate 2.5 hours for a shamanic healing session. Sometimes it takes a little longer. I work until it feels round.

I would be happy to advise you in advance in a free phone call of approx. 20 minutes whether and how we can work with your topics. Email me at and I’ll call you back.

A healing session of 2,5 hours costs 390 €. – Payment latest on the day before the session.

Special offer: Book 3 Healing Sessions in one package – you pay 900 Euro and have 5 months time to to take the sessions with me. Payment in 3 installments (390/390/120 Euro) possible. You can pay on Euro, Dollar or Pounds.