Remote Shamanic Healing Sessions

If you can answer one or more questions with YES, then a healing session with me could be the right thing for you:

Do you feel blocked in one or more areas of life or are you going in circles?

You finally want to break new ground (internally and externally), but something inside you is holding you back?

Do you repeat the stories or behaviors of your parents or grandparents when you really want to do it differently?

Do you feel disoriented or unsure of which direction to take on your life path?

Do you sometimes feel heavy and are you still burdened by painful experiences from your past?

In principle, every topic and concern is welcome and we look at what needs to be seen, solved and connected on a spiritual, emotional, mental and energetic level.

You can also bring several concerns into one session, since everything is connected and healing usually wants to happen on many levels at the same time.

Many people come to me with topics such as healing femininity, dealing with abuse experiences, finding and living their own calling, self-esteem and partnership issues.

What you can expect from a healing session with me:

If you book a 2h healing session with me, you can experience a deep, intensive energetic clarification, the dissolution of various blockages and a reconnection with your inner powers, feelings, needs and resources and ultimately your soul.

For this I connect with you from heart to heart with your soul and your higher self, to let them show me what in you now wants to be transformed, solved and united.

Since this is an energetic interaction in addition to the interpersonal level and our souls and energy bodies are not bound to space and time, this can also happen over a long distance.

While you lie in a relaxed place of your choice and we are in contact over the phone, I create a sacred space together with you, your soul and your energy field, in which I work energetically and empathize with you. I also pull your energy body towards me so that I can work in your energy field as if you were lying in front of me. So I can also put healing stones in your field, incense, rattle ect. and use crystals to deeply cleanse your chakras and auric layers.

My strongest channel is clairvoyance. As a result, I always feel very deeply with you, which makes it easier for you to accept yourself in previously unseen or rejected aspects and enables a deep energetic shift. My clairvoyance and my intuition, which I have trained for years, provide me with a lot of information and allow me to carry out comprehensive clarification and blockage removal in your energy field.

What happens in a healing session?

Clearing – Releasing what does not correspond to your soul essence and/or no longer serves your growth

I clear and harmonize all your chakras and aura layers from:

– old ballast and deadlocked emotional, thought and behavioral patterns

– emotional and mental blockages and effects of trauma,

– cross-generational blockages and traumas from your ancestry

– karmic entanglements, soul contracts and implants from this and previous lives,

– External energies of all kinds

– limiting beliefs, evaluations and convictions,

which are energetically installed in your system like on a computer hard drive. However, this process is more organic than on a computer :). It can be a very touching and liberating experience to release so many old blockages from your biography, family system and past life that you have carried with you for so long.

Since I come from Inca shamanism, I am a Mesa wearer. That means I have a kind of mobile altar with healing stones, which amplify my power and are connected to one of the oldest healer lines. I use this as support to transform heavy energies, to loosen fixed structures and to supply healing energy.

Healing – (Re)connecting with what was split off or disconnected within you

After the intensive clarification of your system, we go deeper into healing and becoming whole. I first stream your affected chakras with golden light frequencies (illumination process from Inca shamanism). The imprints of old experiences are thus thoroughly erased, the chakras are charged and harmonized.

Then go into a deeper trance and transmit healing energies as a channel medium. These are light frequencies that are individually determined for you to fill your system with information for the reorganization of your energy body and system.

The following can happen:

– Balm settles into your emotional wounds and connection can happen

– parts of the soul that have been split off so far/ inner child parts/ emotional parts from the subconscious integrate themselves

– your masculine and feminine energies are balanced and connect more harmoniously

– the connection with your higher self and your soul essence are strengthened

– your main energy channel is realigned and thus the connection to earth and the cosmos is strengthened

– Parts of the soul from the superconscious connect with your energy body (highly vibrating divine-spiritual parts, which is happening more and more often in this quality of time)

You arrive more in the here and now. With more power, peace, love and expanded awareness of yourself.

During the session you simply lie down and let it happen. We stay in touch over the phone so I can share with you what I’m sensing in your energy field and also ask questions so we can bring more awareness to issues and dynamics. Perhaps I will ask you to actively participate, as sometimes it takes your conscious direction and affirmation to bring about change more easily.

Finally, you will get a summary of which layers and blockages we have transformed. And tips on how you can best support your process of expanding your consciousness and how you can continue it independently.

You will feel many changes immediately, others later over days and weeks.

After the session

I recommend that you allow yourself some rest and space after a session, drink a lot of water and feel it, so that integration can happen more easily.

If you have any questions, you can contact me by email or messenger up to 2 weeks after the session and I will usually send you answers and support via voicemail.

I would be happy to advise you in advance in a free phone call of approx. 20 minutes whether and how we can work with your topics. Email me at and I’ll call you back.

About the way I work: I give a maximum of 3 healing sessions per week and only one per day. So I really have the space and time to tune in to you beforehand and to connect deeply with you in the session, to feel you and to bring about the greatest and deepest changes together with you, which is my concern in every session and fulfills me.

A healing session of 2 hours costs 300 €.