The healer in me

My longing for freedom, love and personal development led me to deal with psychology and spiritual issues as a teenager. After graduating school, I moved away from my small town to Berlin in 2000. I felt that I would find unconventional and diverse opportunities here to develop and discover new inner and outer worlds.

Over time, I realized that certain conflicts and issues were repeated in my life – especially in partnerships and in my career. I was often torn apart by opposing feelings and thoughts and caught in certain behavior and reaction patterns. I felt driven by fear or avoiding possible pain or uncomfortable feelings, rather than really expressing my needs and heart’s desires. So I started to deal with my inner structures in various ways and get to know myself in depth. I faced more and more of my repressed feelings and unloved dark sides to get to my innermost core. And honestly, until today I keep bringing new aspects and thus new resources into my consciousness. Because our inner potentials are infinite, so that we can learn until our last breath.


Shamanism – my source of strength and my home

On my way to healing, I personally experienced the processing and resolution of trauma and conditioning from childhood and society. I learned a lot about the mode of action and the basic connections between thoughts, feelings and energies in the psyche, soul, body and spirit. My personal healing path forms the foundation of my healing work in order to be able to accompany you empathetically and competently.

I came home through shamanism, especially when I got to know the healing methods according to the Inca tradition. This healing work has brought about a profound change in me like no other before. I felt so much familiar about it and my media skills finally found their place and their task.

So I realized that the shamanic and healing path is my calling and my inner fire was really kindled. Suddenly everything made sense on my way.

My psychological perspectives could also be wonderfully combined with the shamanic path and complement each other in a powerful way today.

In the meantime I also feel connected to the European healing knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors. I am very grateful that the Inca tradition made it possible for me to return to my own roots.

Now I have been accompanying people in individual sessions, rituals and training on their way to their strength and center for some years now and I am happy if I can also accompany you a bit on your way.

In change of times

Since March 2020 with the onset of Corona, like the lives of many, mine has turned a lot, much has been overturned and found anew.

I haven’t lived in Berlin like this since the end of last year. Most of the time I live with my partner in nature in a campervan and nature houses. Far away from city noise in the great outdoors. In this vastness and tranquility, it is easy for me to absorb the new energies that are currently coming to earth and to allow deep transformation to happen in me. I currently devote a lot of time to channeling and writing.

We are on the threshold of a new age as we are going through great internal and external changes, both personally and collectively.

This changes my work as a shaman and healer. I direct new, deeply transforming, healing and luminous frequencies and healing codes through. Many fields and levels can now be clarified more easily. And you as a client do not just lie there passively, you can and should actively participate – a balance between the poles is a key to holistic healing. Dedication and letting happen as well as self-empowerment, i.e. recognizing your creative power and thus self-responsibility, are important in the new time of consciousness change and keys that I give you on the way.

It’s no longer just about healing, it’s about new creation and design, and wherever you are I am happy to accompany or advise you on your way.

My main educations:

  • Core Schamanismus Grundausbildung at Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe (2007)
  • Weiterbildung in verschiedenen schamanischen Zweigen (2012- 2015) bei Mohan Rai -Nepal, Katharina Meffert- Sidhera Berlin, Don Alberto & Richard Aguayo – Peru 
  • Schamanisch- geistigen Heilen (nach dem Inka Tradition der Q`eros Peru) at Edith Mertensmeier in Bad Pyrmont (2016 – 2018) 
  • Despacho Seminar bei Don Sebastian, Don Basilio und Julian Sasari ( 2017) 
  • Rite of the womb & Nustas Karpay Initiations with Annette Assmy (2017) Inka Q´ero Mesa Seminar by Richard Aguayo (2018) 
  • Munay Ki Rites ( at Edith Mertensmeier 2018)
  • Systemic Constelllation at Dr. Annegrit Kahle, Praxis für kreative Psychologie (2013) Systemic Constelllation at Catarina Skirecki, die Aufstellerschule Berlin (02/2015- 11/2016) 
  • Psychologie-Unterricht während des Abitur (1997-2000) 
  • Psychologial Consulting & Coach at Hanne Edling (2016) Bonding, Trauma work & Soul Retrival at Dr. Annegrit Kahle (2016) 
  • Property management at degewo Berlin (2008-2011) 
  • Healing Voice Seminar at Carien Wijnen (2018)
  • The source of her voice- shamanic singing training ( since 2023 at Tuulia Rosenbröijer) 

Due to my urge for research and further development, I am continuously in further training by reading specialist literature, practical exchange with colleagues ( mostly shamanic, somatic expierence, theta healing) as well as raising awareness and healing my own topics.