What clients say about me and my work

I’ve known Agneta for quite a while now and life has always brought me back to her. So also this summer. I knew there was a big topic in the room and in a two-hour session in which she kept in touch with me via telephone via distance healing, I was able to move so much. I like her raw, loving nature, she always guides me very safely and with a lot of experience through the sometimes very strenuous processes and magic happens in a very special way. I am grateful to know her and to work with her and recommend her to anyone who is searching for themselves and wants support in doing so. Your podcast “From the universe” is also an absolute recommendation, that alone moves me so much. Thank you Agneta 🙂

Marie Luise Schmidt


 I’m grateful for meeting Agneta on my journey. We had one healing session that solved many of the questions I had on my mind for a long time. Agneta helped me with getting the answers, getting rid of the blockages and letting go the things there weren’t mine or no longer served me. I believe this one session saved me for some months of psychotherapy. I consider Agneta powerful shaman and a trustworthy, caring person.

Martyna Czernicki

Brenna, Poland

Highly recommend!! The sessions with dear Agneta are always an enrichment. It grounds and cleanses me and gives me back my lost energy. She has already dissolved a lot in me and my body and carried out healings. She balances me. Agneta has a wonderful voice that I enjoy listening to when she sings and combining it with instruments. Not only the treatment itself is a gift, but also your valuable tips regarding other treatment methods and options for at home. I thank Agneta from the bottom of my heart for the many years of support!

Hanna Schönert