Deep spiritual & emotional support tailored for women on their soul path for 2, 4 or 6 months

You want to be fully liberated to truly live from the heart, aligned to you soul purpose, core values and needs- but something is holding you back?

  • Fears of rejection, making mistakes or being left alone let you literally freeze while you just smile and function?
  • You’re afraid of disappointing others, can’t say no, or can’t set standards that truly support you?
  • You lack clarity about what is really yours and what is not? 
  • You kind of know your soul gifts but you are to insecure to really use and bring them out?
  • You feel unworthy of support and doubt that you really deserve it?

You are longing for …

  • self love & deep acceptance of your own feelings, your needs and your heart’s desires.
  • inner freedom and courage to express yourself and live your inner truth.
  • reconnection withyour primal force and soulessence as your psychic and healing abilities and the divine 
  • more inner peace, strength. clarity, connection and enjoyment of life
  • to live in your own pace and rhythm

But you…

  • feel anxious and don´t konow where and how to start
  •  are spinnning in a cycle or fall back in your old behaviour after a few weeks 
  • you  feel alone and don´t really know to share what is going on in you

On this soul journey you I work with you on following:

  • we go through a deep shamanic energetic clearing from old destrucitve patterns & blockages- emotional, mental, ancestral, karmic and biographic
  • you will receive a deep healing of emotional core wounds and soul splits through my soul care with inner child work, inner parts constellation and empathic and compassionate accompaniment.
  • we will activate your inner ressources and hidden soul gifts & reconnect to especcially to your womb & feminine energies
  • you will learn a beautiful shamanic ritual on which basis you can reconnect and deepen the relationship to the forces in you and around you e.g. your heart, innerchild, the elements (water, fire, earth, air), your spirit guides..

During our time together you will receice each month in a weekly rhythm:

  • a shamanic healing sessions of 3 hours with deep energetic healing work
  • a Despachos ritual of 3 hours – to connect with the spirits of nature, the elements, spiritual ancestors, mother earth and healing ( more information in this blog article ) with instructions
  • 2 x 90 min video calls – Integration of energetic work and inner work & time for what is needed tailored to your needs

Bexond that

  • there will a opening ritual about 90 min and a closing ritual about 60 min as container for our journey
  • I am happy to share my vast knowledge and experience (also in voice messages and some written form) with you!
  • Telegram/whats app/Chat support
  • Flexible appointments for healing sessions and calls are usually possible (with a few exceptions) on weekends or in the evening – all appointments take place from 1 p.m. or later

AND in addition to the structure mentioned, I let myself be guided, whatever impulses come in, in order to support you powerfully and holistically from the bottom of my heart and with the utmost dedication!

Price: 1500 for each month – You have the choice to connect with me for 2,4 or 6 months

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me and we will arrange a free introductory meeting. We can get to know each other and speak about the details.

” I deeply believe from my own experience that if we fully value our feelings, needs and heart’s desires, listen to them and follow their messages, life in all its forms will support us with its magic, wisdom and power to succeed.

Why work with me?

Ever since I was a teenager, I dedicated my life to understanding the complexity of being human and life itself through psychology, often exploring what was uncommon or forbidden. A very wounded and shy but strong part of me refused to accept that life just happens to us. After becoming aware of spinning in circles through my own emotional and behavioral patterns, I began to dig deeper into how inner change, transformation, and liberation can truly occur within us. Through my own self-exploration and exchanges with others, I’ve learned a lot about the connections between thoughts, feelings, and energies in the psyche, soul, body, and spirit.

I’ve been on my soul journey for almost 24 years now, and I’ve gained insight into many holistic healing methods, as well as what is essential and what pitfalls to avoid. My personal healing path forms the foundation of my healing work, allowing me to accompany you with empathy and competence. I’ve been supporting others on their soul journeys professionally for over 8 years now, which has been one of my greatest passions and dreams come true. From 2016 to 2020, I had a practice in Berlin where I supported many people through shamanic healing, emotional, ancestral, and ritual work. Since then, I have transitioned to working mostly remotely.

Despite being naturally curious and independent, which led me to forge my own path early on, I struggled internally to truly open up and receive love. I also struggled to say truly YES or NO and to create healthy boundaries- so I had often to numb myself or run away many times in my life – even from people I loved.

When I discovered the shamanic path, the spirits really ensured that I followed it, and so I found an inner home that made me stronger from within to truly pursue what I love to do.

Along this journey, I transformed very self-destructive patterns like substance abuse, eating disorders, self-hate, and subtle forms of dissociation. Most of these stemmed from inherited transgenerational traumas and developmental traumas from my childhood. However, karmic aspects also played a role, especially when it came to healing traumas related to being a healer.

Four years ago, around the time of the lockdown, I experienced a re-traumatization of violent childhood sexual abuse that suddenly resurfaced. It plunged me into a state of panic and social phobia, and my entire life fell apart. Without my shamanic and emotional skills and experience, I would have ended up in a psychiatric hospital. But I didn’t. It prompted me to completely overhaul my life from the ground up.

I’ve had to make many difficult yet profound decisions, with significant yeses and noes, to truly follow my heart, intuition, and body’s signals. Over three years ago, I decided to leave Germany. This also meant deciding to relinquish my social role as a mother and allow my son to primarily grow up with his father. It was a major decision that came with a lot of guilt and shame. However, today, we have a good relationship, even though we don’t see each other that often. And I still believe it was the right decision for me. So, I understand what it means to step out of societal expectations, or even expectations imposed by oneself, and truly follow one’s inner guidance.

Now I live with my partner and soul mate, who went with me through this difficult time, in beautiful nature houses around Europe. And yes, I didn’t run away from him and I learned to speak my truth.

In recent years, I’ve delved into my singing voice and explored various forms of expression on emotional, physical-somatic, and soul levels. This journey has deepened my connection to my nervous system and body, influencing my approach to healing.

I continue to grow and learn, and I’m dedicated to sharing my heart, shamanic power, and wisdom to accompany you on your soul journey.