akasha reading

Akasha chronicle reading for september

After a long summer break (although I was actually only busy with too many things to write and channel in peace) here is my new format for you: A forecast for the respective month, something for everyone who feels addressed by the reading to raise awareness of what can serve us on our life path…

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golden frequencies

The golden ray

The golden ray and its power Golden is the light of hope, integrity, and strength with which expansion and abundance come. The golden frequencies strengthen our very own soul essence and its energetic structures in your body. They give you the strength and the courage to face your soul tasks and to carry them out…

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Lost childhood?

Love your inner child Many say they have lost their childhood and mean by that the light-heartedness, the impartiality, the non-existence of a judging mind and the still very little influence of conditioning. But over time and in order to fulfill the requirements of the social environment much of what was valuable to you was…

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agneta channeling

Perfection & control

Perfection and control These are two important habits that humans need to let go. They disconnect you from your divine guidance and the natural stream and flow of energy. You hold yourself and others small, by ignoring the beautiful intelligence of creation life power, when you try to take control over an outcome and decide…

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