Individual shamanic intensive healing support of 4 months – for women

“Change is the only constant in life”

I accompany you on your sacred soul path:

  • to experience liberation from inner limitations and legacy as well as a deep transformation of old structures in order fpr more authenticity, self-love and power 
  •  align more with yourself and in harmony with Mother Earth, the cosmos and the purpose you came to do
  • be able to courageously carry out the upcoming changes and let them happen, which are important so that you can shape YOUR life self-determined and contentedly – on a personal, partnership and/or professional level

Individually tailored to your needs, I will support you with powerful shamanic healing sessions, soul reading, introduction to shamanic ritual work (with instructions for despacho) and weekly online meetings. I am happy to share my more than 20 years of holistic experience and knowledge with you, so that after our time together you can use shamanic, energetic, psychological and healing elements as tools for yourself.

I look at what you need individually at the point where you are right now. In a life crisis, when old structures are being torn down, in the midst of upheaval, in a reorientation….at the beginning of your consciousness and healing journey or even if you have been on the way for a long time…

The sacred path is for you, if you feel a “Yes” for at least two of the followering points:

you want powerful and sensitive support in times of change – accompanying upheavals and new beginnings is one of my special qualities

you want to discard old emotional, thought, behavioral, relationship and family patterns in order to live YOUR LIFE entirely from your heart and womb

your femininity, your cyclical nature and want to be a woman and feel and live more (especially if you have experienced a lot of injury or even abuse there / carry great burdens from your ancestors)

want to activate the healer in you – maybe you even hear the call of the sacred wise women who constantly accompany me ( you can get a dip in this blog post )

you want to integrate the shamanic elements and practices as well as energetic healing knowledge into your personal everyday life in a self-determined way

During our time together you receice:
  • 5 shamanic healing sessions of 2h – 2.5h to solve emotional, mental and energetic blockages on a biographical, family, karmic level to reconnect with yourself and your soul essence
  • a soul reading on life’s purpose, soul qualities, hidden talents and 5 open self-chosen questions
  • Learning a Despacho ritual with opening a sacred space – to connect with the spirits of nature, the elements, spiritual ancestors, mother earth and healing ( more information in this blog article ) with written instructions, personal preliminary discussion, one despacho for the elments together on video call, chat for questions, debriefing)
  • 16 x 60min (or 8 x 120min) video/ telephone calls at (2) weekly intervals – space for what is needed right now – e.g. inner child work to integrate shamanic healing sessions/ support in reflecting on life questions and decisions / Q&A – discussing and training the application shamanic and energetic techniques and tools. I am happy to share my 20years wealth of knowledge and experience (also in voice messages and written form) with you!
  • We coordinate individual content and focus in connection with your interests and the guidance of the spirits and your soul (e.g. womb healing and femininity issues, blockages from the ancestral system/ancestral work, healing wounds & professional realignment, processing of childhood trauma, own energetic alignment and strengthening, connection with the sacred wise women
  • Telegram / Signal /What App Support Chat
  • Flexible appointments for healing sessions and calls are usually possible (with a few exceptions) on weekends or in the evening – all appointments take place from 1 p.m. or later

Our journey together starts with an opening ritual at the new moon OR at the beginning of your menstrual period.

AND in addition to the structure mentioned, I let myself be guided, whatever impulses come in, in order to support you powerfully and holistically from the bottom of my heart and with the utmost dedication!

Price: 4800 € for 4 months  monthly installments possible

If you are interested, then write to me and we will arrange an appointment for a free introductory meeting. You can ask any questions and we both get a feeling for each other.