Soul Reading

A soul reading brings you deeply touching messages from your soul or from your higher self as well as healing and consciousness-expanding information about your soul path.A reading goes deep as it reveals a part of your soul and your unconscious. And being seen in it triggers a healing and connecting movement and transformation within you.All information and messages that come to me is what you need to know and can accept with your current state of consciousness in order to recognize, accept and implement your next development steps.

A soul reading can support you:

– when you feel disoriented and don’t know which way to go

– you feel cut off from your soul and inner guidance

– want to know the background and context of your past and current situation

– want to learn more about your soul plan, hidden talents and life plan

– you want to get solutions and healing approaches to stressful situations

You will be shown the background (karmic, biographical, family) and blockages (energetic, emotional & mental) that are still preventing you from following your very own soul path and developing your full potential. Often there is a major current main blockade that is preventing you the most from walking your soul path with confidence and fulfillment.

You will also learn more about your soul qualities, your hidden talents and spiritual abilities if you do not yet live them and what steps are necessary to consciously activate them in your life and use them for the highest good of all. In this way you will also learn more about your learning tasks and your cosmic mission (life task), which you as a soul would like to realize here on earth.You will also find out which steps are important in your life now in order to be able to follow your soul plan.

In addition, you can ask your soul up to 3 questions that are important to you for your personal development or relate to a current situation.

If you want to ask more questions, you can add some for 20 Euro for one question.


How do you ask questions for the reading?

Asking for times is usually not a good idea. In the higher spheres, time is relative and you always have free will in all your ways. This means that you always have the freedom to take a break or to take a detour before you arrive at the next step in consciousness and action.It is better to ask questions in a way that will bring you deeper insights about yourself and show you the steps of knowledge and healing that will bring you into alignment with your soul plan. Or you can ask what you should recognize, heal, or do to achieve a specific outcome that is in alignment with your soul’s plan in a specific period of time. Then you are assuming your own creative power in your questioning.Nobody is simply at the mercy of circumstances, we can always find an inner attitude in which we can change something and seize our creative power.

For example, questions could be:

What is the background to my knee problems and what can I do to heal them?

What is the background to the problems in my relationship with XY and what can I do to clarify, heal or improve this relationship?

What is the background to my fear of loss and what can I do to resolve it and get into a trusting attitude?

What does it take for me to change and heal to make a certain decision?

Readings never make decisions for us, nor are they a shortcut to a solution. But they show us the background, give us deep insights and a more comprehensive understanding of ourselves and the connections and dynamics in our lives. They create a deeper connection to yourself and on this basis it is easier to achieve new clarity; to make decisions or to break new ground.


How do the reading get to you?

If you would like me to channel you individually, send me an email with your request, your full name, date and place of birth.You can use the contact form or write directly to you already have your questions, send them to me and pay via PayPal ( please send to friends or include PP fees) or bank transfer. I usually send you the channeling via email in pdf format and in audio format within 3-7 days.If you have received a channeling, read it through in peace. It is best to make a small ritual or a very conscious act out of it. Light a candle or go into nature and leave everyday life behind. And then open yourself to the vibrations and messages that are coming to you now

I recommend that you read the Reading over and over again, as often as you want. Let it sink in until you feel it’s integrated. Often certain aspects stand out first and others reach us later, slowly digging into our consciousness.This is normal and nothing to worry about. Once channeled and seen by you, your soul will slowly move in that direction and manifest whatever circumstances are necessary to bring you into the desired state.Sometimes, when very deep-seated blockages become apparent, it is advisable to support the implementation of the channeling with a shamanic healing session .I am happy to accompany you on the soul path and to come into your creative power in order to live fulfilled.

A soul reading costs 110 euros.