Is a channeling for you the right thing?

Are you disoriented right now and don't know in which direction to go? If you have the feeling that you are cut off from your inner guidance, a reading or channeling can help you to find your own way and give you guidance for the next steps.
A channeling through me gives the opportunity to get in-depth and mind-expanding information:
- about yourself and your current life situation - about circumstances and events from your past and present
- Backgrounds and solutions for difficult life issues and conflict situations
- through your learning tasks with other people with whom you are connected
- to your learning tasks and soul mission I connect with your higher self, which knows your complete soul plan and is your constant primordial essence and inner highest guidance through all your incarnations. 
If you wish, I can also consult the Akashic Records for a comprehensive view of life issues. 

How do ask questions and deal with information from a channeling 

All information that comes to me is what you need to know with your current state of consciousness in order to recognize, accept and implement the next development steps. Asking for times is usually not a good idea, because in the higher spheres time is relative and you can follow your free will and decisions on all your paths. That means you always have the freedom to take a break or to take a detour before you arrive at the next step in consciousness and action.
It is good to ask questions in such a way that they bring you deeper knowledge about yourself and can show you your steps in knowledge and healing in order to bring you more into line with your soul plan. Or you can ask what you should realize, heal or do in order to achieve a certain result that is in accord with your soul in a certain period of time. Because you have your own creative power. Take this always in account when you ask.
Nobody is simply at the mercy of circumstances, we can always find an attitude in which we can change something and seize our creative power. A channeling can show you steps towards this. 
Sometimes it might be helpful in making steps to first clarify of your energy field and soul clothing.
Once you have received a channeling, read it over and over until you feel it is complete. Often certain aspects stand out and others only reach us later, slowly digging into our day-to-day consciousness. We also only fully understand some channeling with time. But that is not bad, once it is channeled and seen by you, your souls will slowly move in this direction and manifest all the necessary circumstances to bring you into this state. 
Each reading goes deep as it reveals a part of your soul or soul connections. And to be seen in it triggers the movement, change i.e. transformation in you.
In the long term, of course, it makes sense to learn to make contact with your higher self yourself. So you can get an update on your own in order to be able to take your next step. I am happy to support you on the way to get into your own leadership and creativity.

My Offer

In the Akashic Chronicle you get a better overview of connections, other people and background information from the past and present.

Reading with your higher self can give you deeper insights into your healing process as well as current steps towards your life plan.

You can ask up to 5 questions and I will send you the answer in writing and  by Voicemail.

If you would like me to have an individual channeling for you, then send me an email with your request and I will advise you to formulate your questions in such a way that you get the clearest possible answers.

If you have any questions, send them to me and pay by paypal or bank transfer and I will send you the channeling via email and voicemail.

A reading of the higher self or from the Akashic Chronicle costs 44 euros.

Updates will follow soon for energy transfer from healing frequencies.